About Us

Calon has assembled a first class team with world leading expertise in the areas required to deliver the next generation implantable blood pump and associated control system. 

Based on the clinical experience of leading cardiac surgeon Professor Stephen Westaby, Calon established itself in Swansea under the guidance of Professor Marc Clement in 2007. Currently led by Chief Executive Officer Stuart McConchie, who has unparalleled experience of Ventricular Assist Device development, and Marc Clement, founder and acting Chairman, Calon has brought together expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering, device and component testing, world class manufacturing and a series of first class regulatory, quality, clinical and market advisers.

The Board provides strategic guidance and support and in common with most early stage medical technology companies comprises key executives and investors. Click here to find out more about the Senior Executive team and Board.

Extensive computer modelling, in vitro, and pre-clinical in vivo studies conducted over the past two years, have demonstrated the Calon MiniVAD's potential for causing significantly less blood damage when compared to market released pumps. During 2018 the Technical Team will prepare the MiniVAD for a human clinical study in the UK and Europe.

Calon's development and testing is carried out in the offices and laboratories of the Institute of Life Science. Pilot production of the MiniVAD is located in a nearby purpose-built facility.

Disclaimer: Calon Cardio’s VAD devices are not available for sale, including in the United States of America