15 May 2014 15 May 2014 Calon to unveil new MiniVAD design at ASAIO June 2014

Calon, the innovative LVAD company, is delighted to announce that it will provide an update on its innovative Ventricular Assist Device, MiniVAD, at the forthcoming American Society for Artificial Internal Organs conference in Washington DC on 19th June.  The newly designed passive maglev and pivot bearing design will be unveiled for the first time. Additionally comparative blood damage data that demonstrates significantly lowered potential for blood damage compared to previous VAD designs will also be presented.

In addition on 20th June Calon will present its 'handbook' of in-vitro blood tests conducted in multiple species for the first time. This broad range of blood component tests is a fundamental component of the early design and perfomance validation process that enables rapid feedback on pump pefomance and minimises the use of in-vivo studies. 

Graham Foster, CTO commented “It is very rewarding to present an update on our work to this prestigious meeting and to have our efforts to properly assess the impact of rotary blood pumps on whole blood function recognised by the scientific and medical community.”

For more information contact Graham Foster, Chief Technology Officer, on +44 (0)1792 602811



Disclaimer: Calon Cardio’s VAD devices are not available for sale, including in the United States of America