03 Sep 2012 Calon to present MinVAD update at 20th Congress of the ISRBP, Istanbul

Calon, is delighted to announce that it has been invited to provide an update on its innovative Ventricular Assist Device, MiniVAD, at the forthcoming International Society of Rotary Blood Pumps conference in Istanbul on 22nd September.  In addition Calon will publish a poster on bearing design, a crucial aspect of VAD performance and a key contributor to blood damage. 

Calon’s collaborator on blood damage assay development, Swansea University, will present a paper on a novel cytometric method for measuring damage to Leukocytes (white blood cells) that can be caused by blood pumps, a fundamental means of measuring in vitro pump performance. 

Graham Foster, CTO commented “It is very rewarding to present an update on our work to this prestigious meeting and to have our efforts to properly assess the impact of rotary blood pumps on whole blood function recognised by the scientific and medical community.”  

For more information contact Dr. Graham Foster, Chief Technology Officer, on +44 (0)1792 602811



Disclaimer: Calon Cardio’s VAD devices are not available for sale, including in the United States of America