Heart Failure

Heart failure is a serious and growing problem with sub optimal therapies.

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Following good technical progress over the past 12 months, Calon is seeking £5.0m in by end 2016

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Welcome to Calon Cardio-Technology

Chronic heart failure is a serious, often terminal, medical condition that occurs when the heart is unable to pump sufficient blood to meet the demands of the bodyIt currently affects around 20 million people in the developed world and the number of sufferers is rapidly growing. 

Traditionally conservative medical management and cardiac resynchronization therapy have been used to prolong survival and improve quality of life. However, these therapies are only partially successful and many patients progress to advanced heart failure which carries a terminal prognosis and a very poor quality of life. Until recently only heart transplants offered a cure for advanced heart failure, but the very limited supply of donor hearts, currently less than 4000 a year worldwide, means that transplants are reserved only for a very lucky few.

In the last few years, fully implanted assistive pumps, commonly known as ventricular assist devices (VADs), have become available as a viable therapy for advanced heart failure. These pumps, which boost the heart’s output and reduce the stress on the heart, have been demonstrated to be clinically effective with significant improvements in survival compared to medical management. However, early generation pumps are extremely expensive and their large size requires highly invasive surgery.  Furthermore, over time the adverse effects of these pumps on blood have become apparent, with evidence of haemolysis and a significant incidence of thrombus formation and adverse medical sequelae.

The technology being developed by Calon Cardio-Technology – Calon – aims to address these problems. Calon is developing a pump, the MiniVADTM to be implanted directly into the failing heart, driven by an embedded electric motor and powered by a compact battery pack worn by the user. Calon’s intent is to develop and commercialise a pump that can boost the output of the failing heart, which should therefore improve quality of life and slow or halt the progress of the condition. Through the application of cutting edge technology and design, Calon’s approach incorporates a miniaturized pump of reduced size and weight, that retains the necessary pump output, but most importantly, seeks to minimize blood damage and the risk of thrombus formation. The design should also lead to a significantly reduced cost per pump, improving device affordability and heart failure patient access to VAD treatment.

Disclaimer: Calon Cardio's VAD devices are not available for sale in the United States of America