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What is the CALON MiniVAD™?

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Calon’s focus is in the development of innovative mechanical circulatory support devices for the treatment of heart failure. Our leading development, the CALON MiniVAD™ is a miniature implantable blood pump for the treatment of patients with advanced chronic heart failure. 

Our team of Engineers and Bioscientists have based the development of the CALON MiniVAD™ on addressing known issues with current devices using novel, IP protected design technology and extensive blood chemistry analysis to verify blood handling performance.


The CALON MiniVAD™ is being developed for implantation directly into the left ventricle of the failing heart to help provide adequate blood supply to the body, alleviate the debilitating symptoms of heart failure and improve quality of life. The purpose of this novel technology development programme is to slow or halt heart failure disease progression and address the known adverse events associated with current devices that are available.

The CALON MiniVAD™ pump has a magnetically levitated impeller driven by an embedded electric motor and powered by a compact wearable battery pack and control system. The complete system has been designed to allow users considerable independence with an intuitive and easy to manage control system designed with safety and simplicity as the primary considerations.

Working together, the Calon MiniVAD™ system fulfils the tasks that the failing heart can no longer achieve alone

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The Calon MiniVAD™ system consists of an implanted pump and peripheral devices which together create a circulatory heart assist system to boost the function of a failing ventricle

The VAD has an embedded motor which drives the rotor to create blood flow

The complete system incorporates devices for control, power, monitoring
and support

The VAD is powered and controlled by an external console and battery

The Calon MiniVAD™ collects blood from the ventricle of the failing heart and
pumps the same blood back into circulation

Power and signal is transmitted to the pump by a flexible, durable cable which passes through the skin



  • An optimized overall layout that helps produce a very small device and low weight for ergonomic placement in the heart and chest cavity

  • A novel blood flow path design that reduces the risk of blood damage and thrombus formation

  • Near silent and vibration-free operation

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