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Exciting Entrepreneurship: A Closer Look at The Innovate UK Incubator Programme

At the onset of 2023, Calon secured a pivotal Innovate UK grant, establishing the company's position within the Global Incubator program - an acceleration initiative, created to encourage the growth and scalability of innovative medical companies.

The program involved two visits to

Texas, USA, where Calon associates

engaged in core tasks encompassing mentorship, training and networking. These experiences provided instrumental tools and insights to all involved.

We were based at the Texas Medical Center Innovation building, located within walking distance of the world-renowned Transplant and LVAD centre at Baylor St. Luke's Medical. This proximity provided unparalleled opportunities to build relationships with key figures in the implantable pump sector.

Through instructive talks and conferences, possible collaborative opportunities were fully explored. Towards the end of the program, a conclusive presentation was delivered by our CEO, Peter Hinchliffe. This presentation solidified Calon's position as stand-out medical innovators to both medical experts and potential investors.

This opportunity also provided a foundation of growth for the company beyond the setting of the Incubator program. Networking by Calon associates created many new and exciting collaborations. We eagerly anticipate our future work alongside the Texas Medical Centre and further developing these relationships.

Calon extends its gratitude to Innovate UK for its support. This grant, along with current and previously secured aid from Innovative UK, shows their well-placed faith in Calon's mission.


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